Access Keys

Use access keys to assist with navigation around the website. This website uses the UK Government access key system.

Internet Explorer 6+: Hold down the ALT key, press the number of the access key, release both keys then press ENTER

Firefox 3+: Hold down the SHIFT key and the ALT key and then press the number of the access key

Safari 3+: Hold down the CTRL key if using a Mac or the ALT key if using Windows and press the number of the access key

Chrome: Hold down the ALT key and then press the number of the access key

Hands typing on computer keyboard.Standard access keys:

  • S Skip navigation
  • 1 Home page
  • 2 News & Media Centre
  • 3 Our site map
  • 4 Search our site
  • 5 Frequently asked questions
  • 6 Help
  • 7 Complaints procedure
  • 8 Our terms and conditions
  • 9 Feedback
  • 0 Link to page with keyboard access information

Screen reader keys

If you use a recent version of a screen reader you can navigate through the content on a page using the following keystrokes:

  • H to navigate through all the headings on a page
  • Shift and H to cycle backwards through the headings
  • Insert and F6 to provide a list of all headings on a page
  • Insert and F7 to provide a list of all links on a page

Skip links

Each page contains a skip link. This is so that you can bypass the site navigation and jump to the content on a page if you are using a screen reader or keyboard.

Tabbing round a web page using the keyboard

Using the keyboard to browse the web can be a useful alternative to using the mouse, and to some people is the only way they navigate a page.

Pressing the 'Tab' key while on a web page will select the next link on the page. You can press 'Tab' repeatedly to get to the chosen link. The selected link is indicated by the dotted border around the link.

Once your chosen link is selected, you can trigger it by pressing the 'Enter' key on your keyboard. You can move backwards through links by pressing 'Shift' + 'Tab' together.

Filling in forms with the keyboard

In forms there are specific keys for selecting radio buttons and checkboxes.

Radio buttons

When you 'Tab' into a form section with a choice of radio buttons you can change your choice using the 'up' and 'down' arrows or 'right' and 'left' arrows to move to the next section after making your selection hit the 'Tab' key.

Note: if you hit the 'Enter' key by mistake the form is often 'submitted' before you want to because the 'Enter' key is set to trigger the form 'submit' button.


You navigate between checkboxes using the 'Tab' key, to select a checkbox you press the 'Spacebar' and then press 'Tab' to move onto the next 'checkbox'. To cancel or deselect a 'checkbox' press the 'Spacebar' again and the 'tick' will be removed.

Drop down combo box menus

This website uses drop down combo box menus. You can select a combo box menu item by tabbing into it and pressing the ‘down arrow’ to select an item in the list.

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