Text Size & Colour Contrast

Colour schemes

The website can be viewed through three different colour schemes: normal contrast, low contrast and high contrast. Note that drop down menus only function with the normal colour scheme. Use the buttons below to switch between colour schemes:

Text sizes

You can easily choose from three sizes of text on any page of our website. Use the text resize links at the top of a page (A,A,A) to do this.

Further help

The AbilityNet website My Computer, My Way provides further advice on how you can change your browser, computer, keyboard and mouse settings to make the web more accessible for you.  It provides advice on how to see, hear and read websites more clearly by:

  • making text larger
  • magnifying the screen
  • making the mouse pointer easier to see
  • changing your colours
  • changing your font
  • using your own style sheets
  • making your device talk to you

Please note that some pages may not display correctly if your browser is set to display a larger text size.

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