The 2018/19 programme

Choosing a topic

The participants in the 2018/19 programme have decided on the following topic:

To explore the relationship young women have with sport and physical activity, with particular regard to issues that might prevent participation.

Divided into sub-groups, the participants are exploring:

  • socio-economic, protected characteristics, intersectionality
  • provision in schools and how that influences attitude
  • societal pressures and external influences
  • examples of good practice

The process

  • Training days – 18th and 19th January 
  • Meeting 1 – Friday 22nd February
  • Meeting 2 – Friday 26th April
  • Meeting 3 – Friday 31st May
  • Report launch and graduation – Thursday 20th June

The meetings are all in public from 11:00-13:00 – details for the launch/graduation still TBC.

Committee meetings have been chaired by Deputy Presiding Officer Linda Fabiani, with participants taking evidence and carrying out engagement work across Scotland.


Convener of the Young Women Lead Committee: Linda Fabiani MSP – Deputy Presiding Officer

Amy Leishman Anna Henschel Samantha Stewart
Hannah Lorne Gray Abbie McGrath Elizabeth Chao-Ying Rao
Janis Wong Lauren Pluss Dionne Hossack
Lauren Aitchison Olivia Kanyike Katie Heath
Reigan Walker Jenni Snell Amy King
Diane Stewart Svea Horn Maxine Cairney
Nell Westbrook Ciara Maguire  Beccie White
Vidhipssa Mohan Shika Hurrydass Lisa Douglas 
Katrina Lambert Rhona Wilder Ashley Stein
Hannah MacFarlane Nancy Wallace Kris Muir

Parliamentary Staff

  • Hayley Forrester – Project Lead
  • Rachel Edwards – Clerk to Young Women Lead Committee
  • Damon Davies/Anne Jepson – Researchers
  • Gillian Baxendine – Senior Management Support
  • Linda Peters – Media Relations Officer
  • Alanis McQuillen/Sameerah Ali – Administrator
  • Stuart Buchanan – Social Media and Webpage  

YWCA staff

  • Audrey Opdyke-Barnes & Elena Soper – Coordinators
  • Beth Cloughton – Programme Intern and Deputy Convener

Follow along

Follow Scottish Parliament on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the latest on the Young Women Lead programme.

You can also follow the hashtags #youngwomenlead and #scotwomenrise on those platforms.

On Instagram, @YoungWomenScot will be adding to their ongoing Insta-Story about the programme.


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