The Lobbying Register Team

The Lobbying Register Team has been set up to develop and implement a new lobbying register following the enactment of the Lobbying (Scotland) Act 2016.

The main aims of the Team are to:

  • Introduce an online lobbying register and supporting website.
  • Develop clear and easily interpretable policy, guidance and information on the operation of the register, for use by parliamentarians, senior officials, individuals and organisations which engage in regulated lobbying.
  • Promote use of the new register to all internal and external stakeholders by effective use of personal contact, public information, campaigning and social media.
  • Once live, maintain and monitor the new register, supporting existing and new users.
  • Ensure compliance with all statutory duties related to the register. 

Find out more about the Act and the Lobbying Register.



Latest News  

Lobbying Register open


The Lobbying (Scotland) Act 2016 has now come into force. The lobbying register is open for organisations to register details at www.lobbying.scot.

Here are our top tips for registering an account:

·         There is a four part registration process: initial set up with registrant name, email and password; confirmation email; completion of organisation details; and confirmation of account by the Lobbying Register Team. You will not be able to submit information returns until your account is confirmed.

·         Your registrant name should be the name of the company or organisation you work for or represent not your own (unless you lobby in an individual capacity).

·         You are only allowed one registration per company/organisation.

·         We recommend that organisations use a generic email address (such as admin@acme.com or lobbying@acme.com ) to set up their accounts, as the Act places the onus on the organisation to submit information returns rather than individuals. Using a generic email address will also ensure that the organisation has a continuous record of all of the information returns it makes and, in addition, if you are sick or leave the organisation the email and account will stay the same.

·         If your company has a very large number of directors, instead of listing them all you can enter a web address to a page where they are already published (provided this page is kept up to date).

·         You only need to provide details of a Code of Conduct if your organisation has a commitment to comply with a code of conduct which governs regulated lobbying such as a code produced by a professional association or trade body.

·         An active registrant must submit an information return at least once in every 6 month period. The date on which that period begins is either the date on which you applied to be on the lobbying register or the date on which your first regulated lobbying communication occurred.

If you have any questions please contact the Lobbying Register Team at lobbying@parliament.scot



About the Lobbying Register

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Lobbying Register Working Group

Find out more about the Working Group which has been set up provide further information and assistance, as the Act moves towards full implementation early next year.

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Lobbying Register Team


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