Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) Complaints Form

To make a complaint please complete the form below. You can use this form to submit a complaint about Scottish Parliament staff or services.

Please note that our complaints policy does not cover the following:

  • complaints about the merits of a decision taken by the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body acting properly within its legal powers
  • complaints about MSPs
  • complaints about Scottish Ministers or government policy
  • complaints about other organisations.

If you have a complaint on these issues, or any other Scottish Parliament issue, you can contact Public Information who will be happy to assist you.

On the form below, please provide your name and at least one way of contacting you (postal address, telephone number or email).


If you do not provide valid contact details we will not be able to give you feedback on your complaint.

Any personal data you provide to the SPCB will be processed according to the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. (For more information, please see the Data Protection and Privacy Policy.)

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