Working together to stop sexual harassment

Every person has the right to work in an environment that promotes respect, fairness and dignity and the aim of our Sexual Harassment Policy is to ensure that our workplace is free from sexual harassment and sexist behaviour. 

The behaviour standards set out in the Sexual Harassment Policy apply to all those who work within the Holyrood campus and constituency and regional offices.  They apply to behaviour when undertaking parliamentary duties and activities here or elsewhere and everyone who works in and for the Parliament must behave in a way that is consistent with these standards.

Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature which has the purpose or effect of violating someone’s dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.  It can be an isolated incident or persistent behaviour and is essentially about the effect on the recipient, not about what was intended.  

Sexist behaviour is defined as any behaviour which is, or is perceived to be, motivated by prejudice or discrimination, including behaviour or attitudes that stereotype individuals on the basis of gender.

Examples of such behaviours can be found in the Policy.

Confidential advice, information, and support is available from our Independent Support Service. This service is provided by an external organisation (OH Assist) and is available Monday to Friday 9am to 10pm on 0800 756 9969.  You can also contact them by email at


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Sexual Harassment Policy

You can find the policy and a list of FAQs here.

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Information on the range of support available can be found here.


Reporting a Complaint

This page sets out the procedures for reporting and dealing with incidents of sexual harassment (informally and formally).

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

The Scottish Parliament's Diversity and Inclusion Strategy can be found here.

Other Sources of Support

  • Rape Crisis Scotland provides a national rape crisis helpline and email support for anyone affected by sexual violence, no matter when or how it happened.  Call 08088 01 03 02
  • Stonewall provides an information service to help understand and spot harassment for LGBT people.  Call 0800 502020 or email
  • hatecrimesscotland

How we handle your information

We handle any personal information you provide in line with data protection law. For more information, please see our privacy notice or contact us

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