Scottish Parliament Strategic Plan and Delivery Plan

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan (pdf 164 KB) is a plan for the Parliament as a whole. Our overarching goal is to ensure that the Parliament is at the forefront of political debate and remains relevant to the people of Scotland.  

Delivery Plan

The Delivery Plan (pdf 342 KB) translates the ambitions of the Strategic Plan into reality. Reflecting the ongoing work to run the Parliament which accounts for the majority of our day-to-day activities, as well as initiatives to improve the Parliament. The Delivery Plan offers each office a clear line of sight from their local plan to the strategy and it states which senior manager is responsible for each aspect of the plan. 

Values and Behaviours

The Strategic and Delivery Plans set out what we do. We also take pride in how we go about our work. Our core values of Stewardship, Inclusiveness, Excellence and Respect complement the strategy and together they help to provide clarity about our common purpose and priorities. Each of our values is underpinned by a number of linked behaviours and our Values and Behaviours Framework (pdf 401 KB) represents the expectations we have of ourselves and each other. 

    Strategies contributing to the overall Strategic Plan

    Digital Strategy

    Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

    Public Engagement Strategy

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