To create a motivating and supportive space for all staff within the SPCB whom work with or are young staff members. We aim to do this by creating informative resources for staff to access such as events, meetings, monthly newsletters and workshops which can help educate and contribute to approaches on how to target daily barriers young people face.


The aims of the network are to provide a space/forum to: 

To be the voice of young people in the Scottish Parliament. 

To encourage all SPCB to be aware of the barriers in which young people face and how they can be supported. 

To raise awareness of the Parliaments, support and opportunities for young people.


Any staff member can be part of the Young Persons steering group and attend events/talks.

 Young peoples network




If you would like to become a member of the Young People's network, or would like to recieve our regular Young People's newsletter then please get in touch with any of our Steering Group members or email youngpeoplesnetwork@parliament.scot

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