Co-chaired by a member of the House of Commons and a member of Dáil Eireann, elected from amongst the membership. It meets in plenary twice a year, and normally debates matters of political and general concern, considers reports from its committees and responses from the UK/Irish/devolved governments to questions raised. Committee reports, if approved by plenary, are forwarded to the relevant UK/Irish/devolved (if appropriate) government departments for a response.

The day-to-day work is carried out through four committees (Sovereign Matters (restricted to UK Parliament and Oireachtas members only); European Affairs; Economic Affairs; and Environmental and Social Affairs).

The Scottish Parliament has five full members and four associate members on the BIPA. In the current Parliamentary Session the Scottish Parliament full members are: Linda Fabiani MSP (Deputy Presiding Officer and delegation leader), Willie Coffey MSP, John Scott MSP, Pauline McNeill MSP and Ross Greer MSP.

BIPA Plenary Sessions (external website)

BIPA Plenary Transcripts (external website)

BIPA Committees and Reports (external website)



Session 5 Reports:

BIPA Westminster 57th Plenary report - October 2018

BIPA Sligo 56th Plenary report - June 2018

BIPA Liverpool 55th Plenary report - October 2017

BIPA Kilkenny 54th Plenary report - July 2017

BIPA Cardiff 53rd Plenary report - November 2016

BIPA Dublin 52nd Plenary report - July 2016


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