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PE01757: Reduce actuarial reductions to the Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme

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Petitioner: Liz Maguire


Date Lodged: 23 October 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to significantly reduce the levels of reduction to the Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme to ensure that today's low paid workers do not become even poorer pensioners. 

Do you agree that the levels of reductions to the local government pension scheme should be reduced to ensure that low paid workers and particularly female workers who choose or are forced to retire before state pension age do not end up as poorer pensioners?

Have you been directly affected by any of the issues raised in this petition?

i am totally opposed to not haveng the right to access pension fund until retirement age I have underlying health issue and I would like the option of addressing my own future plans with option available to access pension before retirement age

david kerr

12:43 on 22 Oct 2019

I am disgusted that when I started worked in 1982 and will have full 40 years service in May 20121 and was looking forward to retiring at 60, to find out I will be penalised for accessing my works pension at 60. My works pension is nothing to do with the Government old age pension which is now 67. This has been done without any consultation to those who will be affected by this. I have also missed out on the Rule of 85 which is also being taken away. I cannot afford to lose this amount of money from my works pension as I am only a local government assistant earning £28,000

Alison Akremi

13:30 on 15 Oct 2019

This is a horrific thought. There is no way my health would allow this. Please let us enjoy the good years after 60.

Maureen Donaldson

8:43 on 11 Oct 2019

I have just recently turned 60. This was supposed to be my milestone and now it is just a let down. As the government always advised I started to think about my retirement plan and put it into action. I began working full time again when the kids were older and started paying into the council pension 24 years ago to enable me to have a reasonable income receiving both my state pension and council pension at 60. Now I have to wait a further 6 years for my state pension. I thought, well I'll just have to try and manage on my council pension, but now I find I am penalised again by my council on the instruction of the Scottish Government my council will clawing back at least 25% if I choose to leave before the state retirement age. This cannot be morally right or fair. I am being penalised by the British Government and the Scottish Government for being a woman and a mother who tried to plan ahead with no other recourse to change my retirement plan I had planned. And who benefits from my 25% stolen council pension, if the pension age remained at 60 there would be no reduction, so were is it going.

Isabella Dinnen-Smith

12:06 on 10 Oct 2019

I feel the working class of this country are getting no support from their government at all.

Isabella McNeill

11:18 on 08 Oct 2019

Yes, of course I've been affected! All my working life I expected to retire at 60yrs of age. Now I can't retire till I'm 66yrs old, with not enough notice to adjust long term financial plans. As I am a low paid worker I can't afford to lose any of my occupational pension so can't take the early retirement option due to huge deductions and without the state pension in place. I thought I had a contract with the government & my employer. As long as I kept paying my contributions, I would receive my pensions as originally agreed. Adjustment to both state & occupational pensions are akin to buying a car on a monthly payment agreement but on completion of payments, the dealer has decided the car is still not mine and they demand further payments for years ahead. This wouldn't be lawful, why are the Scottish Government & Westminster getting away with this. Angry and completed disgusted - Barbara Thomson

Barbara Thomson

10:11 on 08 Oct 2019

I am totally offended that these decisions are being implemented and how they affect female and lower paid workers I am sure that these changes to pensions will not at all affect the fat cats who are creaming off funds before making these changes public disgusted council worker

morag reilly

9:48 on 08 Oct 2019

I think it is outrageous that once again the hard working class are being penalised and made to work for longer before accessing their pensions which they have worked hard for over decades.

Jacqueline Fleming

9:31 on 08 Oct 2019

Nothing further to comment on

Helen McDougall

9:11 on 08 Oct 2019

Totally agree

Lorraine Mcgarrachan

9:03 on 08 Oct 2019

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