PE01861: Use teacher assessed grades to award national qualifications in 2021


Petitioner: Oliver Smith


Date Lodged: 24 March 2021

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to use teacher assessed grades rather than exam like assessments in awarding national qualifications in 2021.

Petition History:

Do you agree that "teacher assessed grades" should be used in Scotland?

Do you agree that "teacher assessed grades" will allow the voices of silenced mental health pupils to be heard and make it fair to all children who have been disadvantaged by COVID-19?

i agree that teacher assessed grades must be used and my whole school including teachers agree which the cabinet secretary for education must implement

Emma Smith

20:54 on 24 Mar 2021

Please move to teacher assessed grades I've been depressed and it's been a nightmare for our education

Tia Wishart

23:59 on 23 Mar 2021

Yes i agree that teacher assessed grades should be used in scotland as covid has disrupted education every child in this country deserves much better we all are affected by this

Kylie Lauglin

23:55 on 23 Mar 2021

This petition must take action immediately and many children want to sign this but due to the short timing of petitions due to the elections, it has to close quickly.

Theo Logan

22:50 on 23 Mar 2021

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