PE01851: Justice for the public in the legal system


Petitioner: Melanie Collins and William Tait


Date Lodged: 04 March 2021

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to to urgently review and reform the Scottish legal system, including an update of the systems and practices to ensure bodies, authorities and institutions are fit for purpose.

The Scottish government are well aware that the judicial system in Scotland is flawed, the number of complaints that MP, and MSP receive every year proves beyond a shadow of doubt that this unfair and unjust process has to be changed and policed by an external committee to make sure that justice is served and the judiciary do not have the final say Mo Ali explained how her role as a former JCR (Judicial Complaints Reviewer) was a complete waste of time as her finding were never upheld and the Lord President had the final say. TIME FOR CHANGE

Donal Nolan

9:45 on 12 Feb 2021

The Scottish legal system is a disgrace to the country. This particular case is just one of thousands of cases where the victims of Injustice were not accorded the Justice by the Scottish Legal Justice system.

Stuart Usher

17:35 on 10 Feb 2021

I believe that the Scottish legal and Justice system in Scotland, has been broken for many decades. The System requires a total root and branch review, of all departmental operations ,from within and outwith. I have had personal experiences of injustice over the past 11 years of age case my friends have been involved, and may I say through no fault of their own. I personally wrote in support of my friends, to the SLCC, with a detailed description of failings by legal team and other matters of injustice in this case. Thus, I am still waiting for an answer to this or even conformation of my enquiry 7 years later? ? How can this possibility be correct? , that a public body funded by the taxpayers expense can be allowed to act like this? It appears that the SLCC and other organisations within the Justice system, are hiding behind the "cloak and the wig", and the therefore hindering justice to people who have been wronged ,and thrown on the scrapheap of the Justice system and forgotten. How again can this be any sort of Justice? ? So this is why we require this proper review fairly and urgently.

Paul McCrum

11:07 on 08 Feb 2021

I believe that the Scottish legal system, is unbalanced and unfair, with no voice for the ordinary person. There is a need for a root and branch review of all aspects of how the system treats people seeking justice. Also organisations such as SLCC, appear to exist only for the self regulation of its own self, from within, therefore anyone from outside in the general public, have no redress, for instances of corruption and wrongdoing of its members, lawyers and QC. Time has come for change, so that people who have been through the Scottish justice system, receive fair ness and complete transparency.

Helen McCrum

10:46 on 08 Feb 2021

i think what has happened to these people is just disgusting and it is clear if you are relying on the slcc you will get no justice whatsoever.

elizabeth sinclair

19:03 on 06 Feb 2021

Scotlands legal system and its reporting body denied me of my human needs cleaned out!

scott pattinson

13:34 on 06 Feb 2021

This is an important Petition for every decent member of the public in Scotland to preserve the Public Interest where it is being forsaken by politicians pandering to Vested Interests. Make no mistake this is about off the charts corruption to allow crooks to make money at the expense and to the detriment of the Scottish public. We gave evidence to the Justice Committee back in 2007 when they promised us that the Law Society's corruption would be ended by the introduction of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC). However, the SLCC may be perceived as just the Law Society Of Scotland with a different hat on. This has resulted in further harm and lack of justice being available to clients of Scottish solicitors for 14 Years. The politicians must be held accountable to the people. The politicians have been given evidence that the SLCC broke the law by covering up serious crimes committed by the Law Society of Scotland and the Scottish Public also deserve to know the truth by reading the catalogue of crime in submissions to this Petition and to the Consultation regarding regulation of Scottish solicitors which is due to close this month.

Neil McKechnie

15:38 on 04 Feb 2021

Confidence in the other legal system is crucial for any civilization.

Gurch Samra

9:58 on 03 Feb 2021

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