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PE01750: Independent Monitoring of Satellite tags fitted to raptors


Petitioner: Alex Hogg on behalf of Scottish Gamekeepers Association


Date Lodged: 23 September 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to introduce independent monitoring of satellite tags fitted to raptor species, to assist the police and courts in potential wildlife crime cases and to provide data transparency.

Petition History:

This petition has now been referred to the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee. You can view any further updates on this petition on the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee's webpage

The petitioner has collected 276 offline signature

SPICe Briefing (233KB pdf)


10 October 2019: The Committee agreed to refer the petition to the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee suggesting it be taken into account as part of its ongoing work on wildlife crime. Official Report of meeting 10 October 2019

Without independent monitoring there is too much room for alteration, lack of recording, tampering. Any data needs to be correct and in order.

Charlotte Webb

15:41 on 15 Aug 2019

We definitely need an independent organisation to monitor raptors to avoid any misinformation going on social media

Alistair Meikle

14:42 on 15 Aug 2019

Unbiased evidence required.

Donald S Wright

14:00 on 15 Aug 2019

In the interests of fairness and openness sattelite tag data must be made available to the public and especially to the Police when birds go missing or are found dead

Colin Lavin

13:57 on 15 Aug 2019

Monitoring should be carried out by independent Impartial bodies and not by one sided organisations with hidden agendas


13:45 on 15 Aug 2019

More transparency is needed regarding the tagging of raptors

iain crosbie

13:13 on 15 Aug 2019

Needed to. Void false data being used against people employed in the countryside

David Cater

13:09 on 15 Aug 2019

We need total transpatency needs to be an independant party.

Kevin Atchison

11:51 on 15 Aug 2019

Sick of the lies and false accusations of the RSPB and other organisations

Terry Baker

11:47 on 15 Aug 2019

Action must be taken NOW.

Denis John Valentine

11:24 on 15 Aug 2019

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