PE01694: Free Instrumental Music Services


Petitioner: Ralph Riddiough


Date Lodged: 19 June 2018

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to change the law to ensure that musical instrument tuition is available as of right to all children attending state schools in Scotland who wish it, free of charge. 

Petition History:



13 September 2018: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, the Musicians' Union, Local Authorities, COSLA and the Educational Institute of Scotland. Link to Official Report 13 September 2018.

22 November 2018: The Committee agreed to refer the petition to the Education and Skills Committee for consideration within its ongoing inquiry into music tuition in schools. Link to Official Report 22 November 2018

29 May 2019: The Education and Skills Committee agreed to close the petition. Link to the Official Report

Written Submissions:

Local petitions in South Ayrshire and West Lothian quickly reached 3,000 signatures.  

In West Lothian, the Children and Young People's Commissioner for Scotland intervened and urged the Council to delay the cuts until children had been consulted, as is their right in terms of Article 3 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In Clackmannanshire the fees have been doubled for group, mixed instrument, lessons - making them the most expensive in Scotland at £524 per child, and the same price as one to one private lessons.

What is the story in your area?  You may have had charges for many years, or the service may have diminished due to cuts.

Please sign and share this petition to save our Instrumental Music Services

All children should have access to music free of charge.

Norma Amies

23:43 on 19 Jun 2018

I think music should be free as any other extra curricular activity in school time.

Maeghan Banks

23:19 on 19 Jun 2018

I never got to learn music or play an instrument by reading music a regret I will hold to my dying day, but I did get taught the guitar at school The joy that opened was priceless. Please give the future generations a real chance of learn i music and an instrument - the richness that will bring to them and their communities is worth billions

Jane Hasler

23:05 on 19 Jun 2018

Please give the future generations of Scotland the chance to learn music and an instrument - I never learned to read but the joy of learning to play a guitar and sing is priceless to me. Imagine if every child in Scotland and the Uk got to learn to read music properly and play - along with our genes and musicality - what an amazing future unfolds for all

Jane Hasler

23:01 on 19 Jun 2018

As a Singer Singing Teacher Choir leader and a new mum Im desperately sad that this opportunity is not available to everyone who would like it. Music has carried me through life in work love and play It not only give you a well rounded education it teaches you transferable skills and is socially inclusive Money or the lack there of shouldnt stop children experiencing Music

Tracey Conway

20:48 on 19 Jun 2018

Without free music tuition in school, myself and my brother would not have been able to access music tuition which was inspirational and provided so many opportunities for us. Both of us going on to gain degrees in music! As an instructor you see the cuts being made and the impact it has on families. Why should children have limited access to music which is part of the curriculum. Classroom teachers are fantastic but they cannot single handedly teach all instruments, each instrument has its own set of complexities and this art is dying..if we don't teach our next generation on musicians where will we get our next generation of orchestral players, jazz musicians or in fact instrumentalists for any genre... Not to mention the benefits from research studies in to the impact music has on raising attainment, the social impact of joining together to perform or the positive impact music has on health and well-being.

Diane Brown

20:37 on 19 Jun 2018

Music is a way to express yourself and if this is taken away then children are not given this right.

Lucy McNaughton

18:21 on 19 Jun 2018

Music is fundamental to children's learning, as well as instrumental to their mental health. As Plato said "Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything."

Janet Rutledge

13:18 on 19 Jun 2018

Access to the valuable experience of learning an instrument is a vital aspect of excellence in education. Don't let it be the province of the affluent elite.

Isla Skinner

9:15 on 19 Jun 2018

All of my children played instruments at school and I have grandchildren that play instruments too. But sadly I see that some countries are stopping music lessons. How sad and misguided. The benefits outweigh the cost.

LoisMonica Mackay

9:12 on 19 Jun 2018

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