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PE01759: Equal school hours for all children in Scotland


Petitioner: Susan Crookes


Closing Date for Online Petition: 23 October 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure that all children receive the same teaching hours across the whole of Scotland.

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What sort of potential impact do you think these fewer hours schooling might have? And how would you like to see them resolved?

I am very glad that someone feels as strongly about this as I do. A few years ago Councillors tried to garner the support of Parent councils to support the Highland Council in continuing with the shorter hours. There were many flaws in their persuasions. Indeed the most ridiculous was that the children have to travel further and are therefore too tired. Completely irrelevant in central Inverness when our younger children have to hang about for 30 minutes waiting for the only bus that arrives for the older ones. When discussed further at the subsequent Parent Council meeting, the Head and her staff were categorical that the extra time would be welcomed by them not least in being able to deliver the curriculum.

Philippa Sharp

21:51 on 17 Sep 2019

All children should have an equal right to equal hours and quality education in a progressive forward looking Scotland. If we are looking to promote successful learners then it is hardly fair to reduce input to learners based on their post code. Teaching time is crucial to extend skills, knowledge and understanding in learners. It's only logical to assume that less teaching time means less input to learners development.

Paula Mitchell

9:08 on 13 Sep 2019

I know a girl in Highland that has been on the school roll since April 2018 but only managed to attend a handful of weeks due to extreme anxiety. She has received next to no education since June 2018. Nothing, nada, zilch. This person even has a CSP!

Ruth Craxton

15:47 on 12 Sep 2019

Teaching should be consistent across the country

Fiona Bremner

18:51 on 11 Sep 2019

As a teacher, parent and grand parent l strongly believe that all children deserve equal opportunity of teaching and time being taught.

Conrad Kitson

18:49 on 11 Sep 2019

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