The Bankruptcy Fees (Scotland) Regulations 2017 (SSI 2017/37)

The Bankruptcy Fees (Scotland) Regulations 2017 (SSI 2017/37)

The Committee first considered the instrument at its meeting on 14 March and agreed to defer consideration.

At its Meeting on 21 March the Committee took evidence from:

Mike Dailly, Principal Solicitor, Parliamentary and Social Policy Unit, Govan Law Centre
Alan McIntosh, Project Manager, Personal Insolvency Law Unit, Govan Law Centre
David Menzies, Director of Insolvency, ICAS

The Committee also received evidence from Govan Law Centre and ICAS:

Letter from Govan Law Centre (237KB pdf)
Letter from ICAS (47KB pdf)

The Committee also took evidence from the Scottish Government and Accountant in Bankruptcy:

Paul Wheelhouse, Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy
Graham Fisher, Head of Branch, Legal Directorate - Constitutional & Civil Law, Scottish Government
Richard Dennis, Chief Executive, Accountant in Bankruptcy

Official Report

The Committee agreed to defer consideration of the instrument and write to the Minister.

Letter to the Minister for Business, Innovation  and Energy (158KB pdf)
The Minister replied on 27 March 2017, informing the Committee that the regulations will be revoked.

Letter from the Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy (111KB pdf)

The Bankruptcy Fees (Scotland) Revocation Regulations 2017 (2017/97)

This instrument replaces the former regulations and will be considered by the Committee at a future meeting.