Purpose of the group

The aim of the Group is to facilitate the building of relations between Scottish Parliament, Tibet and its people and those interested in Tibet. 

Forthcoming meetings

Next meeting: 24 October 2018

This meeting will be held at 6pm in room TG20/21. This meeting will include the AGM.


Annual Return/Report

Group Officers

Group Members

Non MSP Individuals

Dr Martin Mills - Secretary

David Lloyd Hudson - Treasurer

William Caola

Bruce Clark

Roger Eames

Jackie Fordyce

Linda Hendry

Elizabeth Lindsey

Laura Mackie

Samantha May

Iain Thom

Kirsteen Currie

Dr Sam Pehrson 

Sarah Schroeder

Oskar Bengtsson 

Svenja Sender


University of Aberdeen

Scottish Centre for Himalayan Research

United Nations of a Free Tibet

Tibet Support Group Grampian

Tibet Support Group Scotland

Amnesty International

University of St Andrews

Edinburgh Interfaith Association

Get involved

Next meeting:
24 October 2018





Linda Fabiani MSP

Scottish Parliament
Holyrood Road
EH99 1SP

0131 348 5698


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