Finance Committee to hold employment workshops across Scotland


Workshops on how to improve the employment opportunities for those furthest from the job market will take place with Finance Committee members in Ardrossan, Dumfries and Dundee on 28 September. 

Committee members will hold simultaneous workshops in regions of high unemployment to meet representatives from the private, public and third sectors.

Committee Convener Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“The evidence we heard from witnesses at the Scottish Parliament roundtable sessions earlier this year on the need and the ways to improve the job prospects of vulnerable people, such as care leavers, has been absolutely crucial in guiding the committee’s work. That is why we were keen to visit three regions of Scotland to hear how organisations are addressing this issue at a local level and what further action at a national level they would like to see.” 

The workshops will address a number of themes including:

  •  How well do private, public and third sector work in partnership to provide a much-needed support package in helping vulnerable individuals into sustainable work?
  •  How successful are schemes like work coaches in helping unemployed people into work?
  •  What are the main issues for unemployed people in rural communities in terms of transport and availability of employment opportunities?


Finance Committee members will attend the following workshops:

  • Kenneth Gibson MSP and Michael McMahon MSP in Ardrossan.
  • Elaine Murray MSP and John Mason MSP in Dumfries.
  • Gavin Brown MSP in Dundee.

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