Future of economics in the spotlight


There has been a significant and sustained decline in the number of young Scots studying economics at institutions of further and higher education over the past decade. This is the focus of a seminar to be held at the Scottish Parliament on Monday.

The concerning trend emerged during a recent enquiry into the state of economics conducted by the Scottish Economics Society (SES). The trend contrasts with a general increase in participation by students in a wide range of other subjects.

More than 100 school children studying economics from across Scotland will attend the seminar, which is being held by the SES in coordination with Scotland’s Futures Forum.

In secondary schools there has also been a steady drop in the number of students sitting higher economics.

The event will feature renowned speakers in economics and related areas. The opening address on the “Future of the World Economy” will be delivered by Hamish McRae, Deputy Editor of the Independent. Also speaking at the event will be Professor John Sloman, a leading figure in the teaching of economics in the UK and Director of the Economics Network, which supports university teachers of economics across the UK.

Background information on Scotland’s Futures Forum

Scotland’s Futures Forum was created by the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body in August 2005.

The forum aims to identify key challenges facing the nation and stimulate debate between MSPs, academics, civic society, wealth creators and international organisations on the ways of meeting them.


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