Views sought on walking and cycling as committee launches inquiry into active travel


Encouraging more people to change their travel habits and opt for walking and cycling as main forms of transport will be the focus for an inquiry by the Parliament’s Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee.

The committee is seeking views from anyone with an interest or involvement in walking, cycling and other forms of transport for its inquiry into active travel.

The inquiry will consider the recent progress made to encourage more people to participate in active travel in Scotland, with a specific focus on work by the Scottish Government, local authorities and other organisations.

It will look at what more can be done to significantly improve the number of people walking and cycling, examine the barriers to progress and also consider similar travel schemes operated in other countries.

Committee Convener Patrick Harvie MSP said: “Efforts have been made in recent years by government, local authorities and other organisations to encourage people to opt for walking and cycling as main forms of transport.

"However it is clear that we are not yet making a real difference in reducing harmful emissions from transport and encouraging people to have a healthy and active lifestyle.

"And we don’t just want to hear from organisations either. We want to hear from ordinary people about how they choose to travel, and what incentives would make them participate more in terms of walking and cycling.

"The committee wants to understand what progress has been made so far, what the barriers are to achieving better results, and what new measures can be introduced to increase the number of people opting for walking and cycling as their preferred mode of transport.”

Further information
The remit of the inquiry into active travel is to consider:

  • the progress being made in developing active travel in Scotland
  • any barriers to further progress
  • the further action that may be required by the Scottish Government, local authorities and other bodies to ensure that significant progress is made in the development and implementation of active travel in Scotland.

Views on Active Travel must be submitted to the Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee by Friday 11 December 2009.

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