Shifting the balance of healthcare


The Health and Sport Committee of the Scottish Parliament today issued a call for written evidence on the role of rehabilitation services – such as physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy – in shifting the balance of health care from primary to secondary care.

Launching the inquiry, the Convener of the Committee, Christine Grahame MSP, said: “A key interest for the Committee is looking at ways to end the postcode lottery wherever it occurs, ensuring that people across Scotland have access to appropriate health services. In this inquiry, the Committee will look at service provision in the context of this issue, as part of a general focus on rehabilitation services.”

Key questions to be addressed in this inquiry include:

  • What are patients’ experiences of rehabilitation services? How will the Scottish Government’s framework for rehabilitation services change these experiences?
  • What changes need to be made to workforce planning and social services to allow the framework to be implemented?
  • How will the framework change the role of allied health professionals in delivering rehabilitation services?
  • Are current community facilities adequate? To what extent are they able to meet new demands that the framework places on them?
  • How far are NHS boards, local authorities and associated bodies able to fulfil their roles under the framework?
  • What changes in financing will be required as a result of shifts in the balance of care, particularly between acute and primary care/community health budgets?
  • What barriers to the successful implementation of the framework exist? How can these be overcome?


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