PE01692: Inquiry into the human rights impact of GIRFEC policy and data processing


Petitioner: Lesley Scott and Alison Preuss on behalf of Tymes Trust and Scottish Home Education Forum


Date Lodged: 13 June 2018

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to initiate an independent public inquiry into the impact on human rights of the routine gathering and sharing of citizens’ personal information on which its Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) policy relies. 

Petition History:

This petition has now been referred to the Education and Skills Committee. You can view any further updates on this petition on the Education and Skills Committee's webpage


28 June 2018: The Committee took evidence from Lesley Scott, Tymes Trust Scottish Officer and Alison Preuss, Scottish Home Education Forum. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government and the Information Commissioner's Office. Link to Official Report 28 June 2018.

8 November 2018: The Committee agreed to refer the petition to the Education and Skills Committee for consideration of the data protection issues raised in the petition to be included when that Committee resumes its scrutiny of the Children and Young People (Information Sharing) (Scotland) Bill. Link to the Official Report 8 November 2018

Written submissions

This legislation will be abused and are opening children to predators.

Anne Maria Rennie

14:07 on 13 Jun 2018

Absolutely no to sharing of data. What a prospect totalitarian state. No thanks.

Hugh Munday

12:54 on 13 Jun 2018

Sharing private data should not be allowed without approval. It goes against every principle of data protection.

Andrew Peacock

10:35 on 13 Jun 2018

Frightening to think a government would want so much control over families

Talia Goldberg Geller

8:58 on 13 Jun 2018

A step towards totalitarianism. Try focusing on health, education, etc all the areas suffering under SNP control. Just leave families alone, the state is a lousy parent

Jacqui cotton

1:09 on 13 Jun 2018

No thank you for complete state control of families.

Julia Elizabeth Bielska

20:15 on 12 Jun 2018

This policy has no place in a free and democratic society.

Jason Ferguson

18:59 on 12 Jun 2018

This amounts to state control of our children and has no place in a civilised and free society. The majority of parents are perfectly capable of raising their children without state interference . Scotland under the snp is fast becoming a dictatorship.

Lesley Robb

15:44 on 12 Jun 2018

The history of the applcation of this legislation in the pilot areas is horrendous. Thousands of children in need of support being failed and 2 toddlers actually dying, where it is believed the NP pilot actually contributed to the failures to those children. I could go on writing flaws on this legislation, but lets be honest here everyone knows just how twisted this legislation is. When a law is described by 3 law lords of bein totalitarian and our assembly elected political leaders still try to push it through, well I'll say no more

Daniel Dominick

12:31 on 12 Jun 2018

Its about time the current dictatorship, sorry, government, are held to account.

Jonathon OKeefe

17:50 on 11 Jun 2018

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